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October 29, 2021

Press Release


Art Collaboration Kyoto (ACK) is a new type of art fair held for the first time in Kyoto Prefecture. Offering a collaboration between Japanese and overseas galleries, ACK goes beyond the traditional art fair model that focuses on selling artworks. Moreover, the unique ACK collaboration theme features planning and operations cooperation among art related entities as well as public and private sector organizations. In this way, ACK aims to achieve results that will nurture an environment for contemporary artists and that will make Kyoto a global base for the production, presentation, and sales of contemporary art. (for details, please refer to p. 2, ACK Four Features)

The ACK art fair venue will be organized in two sections – Gallery Collaborations, featuring 22 Japan based host galleries and their 23 guest overseas based galleries, and Kyoto Meetings, focusing on 9 galleries presenting Kyoto affiliated artists. Additionally, ACK will hold Beyond Kyoto in the free space at the Kyoto International Conference Center main fair venue and Kyoto Next online to strengthen opportunities to convey information on Kyoto contemporary art overseas. Kyoto art, ranging from crafts to contemporary, is also being featured in other programs such as Alternative Kyoto 2021, an art festival organized by Kyoto Prefecture being held in various locations throughout Kyoto Prefecture, and events held around Kyoto City. Online access to the fair will be available during the period of the ACK.


View Artworks Online

Works exhibited by each gallery are published online on the ACK website. Click here for details.



Events During the Art Collaboration Kyoto

  1. Special Programs (events at the venue during the ACK)
    ACK will hold two special exhibitions: one at Kyoto International Conference Center and one online.
    Please refer to the attached sheet for details.
    Beyond Kyoto
    Special exhibitions will be held of six artists and groups with connections to Kyoto, including on the outer walls of exhibition booths, free spaces and in the Hosho-an Tea House at the ICC Kyoto venue.
    Artists: Teppei Kaneuji × Chihiro Mori, Side Core, Koki Tanaka, Hyslom and Tatsuo Miyajima

    Kyoto Next
    With the support of Rotary Club of Kyoto South, a special exhibition Framing Physicality will be held online with three next-generation Kyoto artists in the spotlight.
    Artists: Kazuaki Kikuchi, Tōboe (Akane Saijo × Valentin Gabelier) and Momoko Yoshida
    Program Director: Yoshitaka Yazu (Artist)
    Special Partner: Rotary Club of Kyoto South
  1. Satellite Programs
    During the fair, various events and programs ranging from contemporary art to traditional crafts by both established and emerging artists will be held around Kyoto City.
    Hiding Behind Us -Encounters with Myself as I Already Am
    Artists: Carl Andre, Robert Barry, Angela Bulloch, Peter Fischli, David Weiss, Ryan Gander, Douglas Huebler, Lawrence Weiner and Ian Wilson
    Curator: Taro Nasu
    OBJECT -Object & Book 2021-
    Rakuchu Kansei Art Exhibition Kyoto 2021 “Forest from the Light of Creativity”

    Kyoto Prefectural Art Festival “Alternative Kyoto 2021”
    Participating Artists: Another Farm, Yu Araki, Ryoji Ikeda, Ryuichi Ishikawa, Side Core, Shimabuku, Kenji Yanobe, hyslom and 17 other artists and groups
  2. BOLD × ACK Talks “Living Freely”
    This talk program co-sponsored by BOLD, ACK’s main media partner, will take place at the venue during the ACK. It will be available at a later date with English voice over dubbing. Please see the website for talk participant details.

ACK 4 Features

  1. ACK’s objective
    To hold a high-quality international art fair, beyond the traditional art fair framework focus of selling artworks, through planning and operations on the theme of collaboration between galleries in Japan and overseas and between art and enterprises of other fields as well as between private and public sector organizations.
  2. ACK’s anticipated results
    Increased artist recognition and evaluation, reduced obstacles to exhibiting at the art fair, and other outcomes through collaboration, as well as cooperation between exhibitors and organizers. ACK’s ability to realize a high quality international art fair is further enhanced by some of the exhibiting galleries acting as co-directors and collaborating with ACK’s planning and marketing.
  3. Why Kyoto?
    Kyoto Prefecture has set a ‘culture creation’ policy with the goal of facilitating young artist participation in activities such as art fairs and of increasing citizen involvement in art and cultural activities. The art universities in Kyoto produce thousands of graduates every year. ACK’s collaboration framework aims to achieve results that will nurture an environment for contemporary artists and that will make Kyoto a global base for the production, presentation, and sales of contemporary art. Kyoto, as the site of the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs planned relocation, will become a model not only for increased links between ‘culture’ and ‘economy’ but also for dissemination of art and culture.
  4. COVID 19 Pandemic
    Should guest galleries have difficulty traveling to Japan due to COVID related restrictions, host galleries will make arrangements for and display their artworks, guaranteeing guest galleries a presence at ACK. A digital platform will also enable online access to ACK.

ACK Fair overview

Period: Public days Friday, November 5 – Sunday, November 7, 2021
    Preview Thursday, November 4 (by invitation only)

Main Venue: Kyoto International Conference Center Event Hall (Add: Takaragaike Sakyo-ku Kyoto City)

Participating Galleries: 54 galleries, 32 booths

Early Bird Offer (until October 31)
Adults… ¥2,500 / Students…¥1,000 (high school and university)
Adults…¥3,000 / Students…¥1,500 (high school and university)
*We require all visitors attending ACK to make an advance booking for a timed entry to the fair.

Art Collaboration Kyoto is supported by several companies. Please refer to the Partners page for details.
Please refer to the sheet attached.

Find out more about ACK.

Information is current as of October 2021.
Due to unavoidable circumstances, changes may apply to the list of participating galleries and other information.
Click here for previous press releases.
Please refer to the website regarding ACK COVID counter measures



Press Contact

ACK Executive Committee Overseas Media Relations                  
Yoshiko Nawa (Relay Relay.LLP)

Art Collaboration Kyoto is supported by the following companies.


Lead Partner
Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Estate has been a leading developer and area manager for over 120 years focusing on areas around Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho. In addition to various art initiatives including the development of Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, its present projects include the public art featured in Marunouchi Street Gallery on Nakadori Street, which started in 1972, and the discovery and promotion of young artists through Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi, which began in 2007. Believing the importance of cooporating with artists to revitalize Yurakucho, it organized successive projects such as the opening of CADAN Yurakucho, the first gallery run by the Contemporary Art Dealers Association Nippon, followed by the Tokyo Photographic Research’s project, and the Sonoaida project, in which artist Akira Fujimoto makes use of vacant premises. While Yurakucho has been a traditional business district in Tokyo, Mitsubishi Estate has been supporting activities of people with different perspectives and talents in order to bring new values in the area.
Image: Tokyo Photographic Research, Taisuke Koyama, INTERFACE_YURAKUCHO, 2021
More details can be found here.


Special Partner
SGC Co., Ltd.
SGC deals in the refinement, manufacture, sale and purchase of gold. We consider it our mission to offer works of gold for people to enjoy in their homes and love as assets; our craftsmen create each solid-gold piece with all their hearts. In 2018, SGC unveiled a new identity; we are now in collaboration with contemporary artists to pursue new forms of expression using this precious metal valued worldwide. Our purpose is to establish a new genre of solid gold art, and bring this genre to the world, including those who have never held a work of pure gold before.
The SGC website can be found here.

Main Media Partner
Launched in March, 2021, Bold is a web media built around the idea of “being able to live more freely as human beings”. Unveiled after approximately two years of research into instinct and unleashing it, Bold brings the affirmative redefinition of the irresistible urge we each have to live freely, or our ‘instinct’. Bold believes that the way to the modern unleashing of instinct is by each and every one of us acquiring the means to enjoy a more plentiful life. The project informs others of what it means to live freely, through interviews, discourse, photo galleries, and other content crossing the boundaries of expression with those who live free of social norms.
The Bold website can be found here.


VIP Car Service by Matsushima
Complimentary VIP car service is available from ICC Kyoto to destinations in Kyoto City.

ACK Official VIP Bag
With the collaboration between Bold, our Main Media Partner, ACK have commissioned a limited edition of official ACK VIP bags, which feature Teppei Kaneuji. Complimentary tote is available at the fair while supplies last.

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